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Book Two in the Intuition Series A man is behind bars for crimes he didn't commit. A manipulative killer walks free Rural Minnesota police officer, Erin Ericsson, has been on the trail of this elusive criminal before. She knows there will be more crimes, and more victims. This time, she must catch the killer. At her side is her girlfriend, Alyssa Brody, who has been blessed, or cursed, with a gift. Allie's talent might lead them to the murderer if she can learn to control it. And if the volatile connection doesn't shatter them both. Their pursuit takes them across the Canadian border to the bustling city of Winnipeg. This is Allie's comfort zone but Erin is out of her depth in the urban environment. Can they overcome the obstacles before the killer strikes againa€b or targets them? Who will die? Book One in this series: Just Intuitiona€œI need a tetanus shot, a€ she muttered. a€œIt will be okay, Honey.a€ Allie rolled her eyes when Erin jammed her contaminated hand in her pocket. a€œIta#39;s not that bad. ... a€œI guess wea#39;ve got some time to kill and a cat can only hold her bladder so long.

Author:Makenzi Fisk
Publisher:Mischievous Books - 2015-01-15


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