BURNS - Weight Loss For Women

BURNS - Weight Loss For Women

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Feel like your body is fighting against you in your quest for weight loss results? Have you tried weight loss plan after weight loss plan and nothing seems to work for you? If so, ita€™s time to stop fighting your body, and work with it instead. In Weight Loss For Women, you will learn what makes the female body different and what you need to do to really get fat loss moving along. Most women who seek fast weight loss make the grave mistake of jumping on the first quick-fix diet they can find that promises fast results. Maybe you saw your friend use the plan and get results or perhaps ita€™s the a€˜hottesta€™ weight loss plan all the celebrities are using. But is it right for you? The first step to seeing successful weight loss is realizing that healthy weight loss is about more than just counting calories or spending hours on the treadmill. Healthy weight loss is about changing your mindset and way of thinking so that you are making permanent changes that promote a lean and fit body. You need a weight loss plan for women that works with your day to day lifestyle. Ita€™s rare to find a weight loss book that addresses this because most just give you the quick solution and hope ita€™s enough to bring you temporary results and keep you busy. You dona€™t want the quick solution though a€“ you want lasting results that you feel good about. Thata€™s what our Weight Loss For Women program is all about. Throughout the course of this weight loss book, youa€™ll discover: a€c Simple yet highly effective tips to maximise your metabolic rate so that you burn fat faster all day long a€c How to set up a very simple meal plan that any busy woman could stick with a€c How to achieve healthy weight loss by choosing the right food combinations a€c The main factors that make weight loss for women harder than for men a€“ and what you can do to combat these a€c How to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet and still see fast weight loss results a€c How to design an exercise weight loss plan for women that will work at home or in the gym - and still allow enough time to live your life a€c and much more! Weight Loss For Women is a complete approach that is going to bond together mindset, proper nutrition, and effective exercise to help you achieve lasting weight loss that not only has you looking better than you have before, but also has you feeling healthier. Without health, no amount of weight loss matters, so you need to start focusing away from quick-fix a€˜dietsa€™ and start focusing on healthy weight loss approaches. Weight Loss For Women is the only approach you need.There is research indicating a waist size above 50% of height indicates an increased risk of health issues. ... getting a waist below 50% of height is ideal, ita#39;s just the cutoff where we can show that your general health status starts to improve as you drop below it. ... Whatever the specific number ends up being, ita#39;s becoming very clear in the research and there will soon be recommendations of a standardanbsp;...

Title:BURNS - Weight Loss For Women
Author:Olivia Marques
Publisher:Olivia Marques - 2014-01-11


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