Bury This

Bury This

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If twenty-five years can discover the internet, the cell phone, this thing called the iPod, can twenty-five years discover the secret of a girl murdered, abandoned, by the side of the road? That is the haunting premise of Bury This, an impressionistic literary thriller about the murder of a young girl in small-town Michigan in 1979. Beth Krause was by all intents a good little girl a€“ member of the church choir, beloved daughter of doting parents, friend to the downtrodden. But dig a little deeper into any small town, and conflicts and jealousies begin to appear. And somewhere is that heady mix lies the answer to what really happened to Beth Krause. Her unsolved murder becomes the stuff of town legend, and twenty-five years later the case is re-ignited when a group of film students start making a documentary on Betha€™s fateful life. The town has never fully healed over the loss of Beth, and the new investigation calls into light several key characters: her father, a WWII vet; her mother, once the toast of Manhattan; her best friend, abandoned by her mother and left to fend for herself against an abusive father; and the detective, just a rookie when the case broke, haunted by his inability to bring Betha€™s murderer to justice. All of these passions will collide once the identity of Betha€™s murderer is revealed, proving once again that some secrets can never stay buried.He would get shit-faced, obliterated, and confess he was in love with her, grabbing her by the wrists, almost a plea . . . and ... That night, Shaunaa#39;s head swimming in strawberry blended margarita number three, or maybe four, make it a double.

Title:Bury This
Author:Andrea Portes
Publisher:Soft Skull Press - 2013-12-31


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