Bush on the Home Front

Bush on the Home Front

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Military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq consumed so much attention during his presidency that few people appreciated that George W. Bush was also an activist on the home front. Despite limited public support, and while confronting a deeply divided Congress, Bush engineered and implemented reforms of public policy on a wide range of issues: taxes, education, health care, energy, environment, and regulatory reform. In Bush on the Home Front, former Bush White House official and academic John D. Graham analyzes Bush's successes in these areas and setbacks in other areas such as Social Security and immigration reform. Graham provides valuable insights into how future presidents can shape U.S. domestic policy while facing continuing partisan polarization.... to produce 250, 000 hybrid vehicles by 2010 a€c Expanded offerings of advanced diesel technology on large pickup trucks ... and SUVs (2009a€“2010) a€c Honda Motor Company Delayed plans to offer diesel option on Acura TSX sedan and SUVsanbsp;...

Title:Bush on the Home Front
Author:John D. Graham
Publisher:Indiana University Press - 2010-03-30


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