Business Intro — French (Ebook+mp3)

Business Intro — French (Ebook+mp3)

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Achieve Fluency with Glossikaa€™s Audio Spaced-Repetition Training for High-Beginners! Glossika training focuses specifically on bringing your speaking and listening skills to fluency. Ita€™s wise to use Glossika training materials together with your other study materials. We provide 120+ hours GMS a GSR audio training, please send your purchasing receipt to to get the download links. Business Intro Book Contents 1. Set up an appointment 2. Negotiate a time to meet 3. Discuss pick up and drop off times and locations 4. When someone will be available or have returned 5. Change a date or deadline 6. A missed meeting time / date 7. Discuss the time of year 8. Call an office and requesting someone 9. Transfer a call 10. Phone trouble 11. Find the person over the phone 12. Leave a message 13. Take a call 14. Explain the person is away 15. Take a message 16. Discuss working hours and overtime 17. Discuss finishing a project on time 18. Discuss holidays and taking time off from work 19. Discussing exercise and working out and other activitiesThere are in fact two kinds of transformation drills we can do. One is transformation in our mother language and the other is transformation into our target language, known as translation. By transforming a sentence in your own language, youa#39;llanbsp;...

Title:Business Intro — French (Ebook+mp3)
Author:Michael Campbell, Maxime Paquin
Publisher:Glossika Language Training - 2015-09-15


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