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Stephen P. Robbins is a best selling author of management and organizational behavior texts. In his new integrative, innovative introduction to business text,, he adopts a reader-friendly conversational writing style. This new text is already receiving praise for its integrated emphasis on careers, e-business, technology, ethics, globalization, and other evolving issues. Robbins offers comprehensive coverage of traditional functions of business--marketing, management, accounting, finance, --but with a fresh real world format, covering the functions where it makes sense, just as a business person would encounter them. The innovative approach of business today reflects the immense changes that have occurred in business practices. Robbins demonstrates that the new world of business is about identifying opportunities, creating viable strategies, building relationships, and providing quality goods and services.To Be Safe Consumers should feel that any product they purchase wona#39;t cause injury in normal use. ... In the 1960s, consumer-activist Ralph Nader brought to the publica#39;s attention numerous safety problems inherent in the Chevrolet ... An entire industry a€” nonallergenic cosmetics a€” has been created in response to such testing. ... When mistakes happen, firms have both a legal and an ethical responsibility to act quickly to notify buyers of problems and then to recall, repair, replace, anbsp;...
Author:Stephen P. Robbins
Publisher:South-Western Pub - 2001


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