But I Liked It...and Other Lies

But I Liked It...and Other Lies

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Abuse, especially sexual abuse, can enslave its victim. Just as crippling are the lies they may be left believing about themselvesa€”lies that can keep people enslaved long after the abuse has ended. This book brings the light of truth to some of these burdensome lies. As a survivor of many forms of abuse, the author desires to bring the hope of total restoration through the grace and power of a loving God. Through this candid account of her personal journey through abuse and years of seeking recovery, Roxanne reveals some of the places lies entered her mind without her knowing it. This true story helps victims to identify and overcome the lies they have believed as a result of their terrible experiences.He reeked of a popular cologne as if he bathed in it, which I now think he did in the hopes he could mask the smell of alcohol. To this day, I can pick out the man in a crowd that prefers this particular scent, and it turns my stomach. I began toanbsp;...

Title:But I Liked It...and Other Lies
Author:Roxanne Fawley
Publisher:5 Fold Media - 2014-04-16


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