Cake Decorating Book

Cake Decorating Book

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Your cakes taste good. Ita€™s okay if they arena€™t as pretty as someone elsea€™s cakes. You really want your cakes to be the centerpiece of the dessert table. You want people to Ooh and Aah when they see your cakes. So what are you doing wrong? You get the same icing as everyone else. Maybe icing the cake to look pretty is just not your forte. You avoid icing a cake, because you know it will not be pretty when you are done. And cupcakes, well you can just forget cupcakes. Trying to get icing on a cupcake is like trying to keep snow from melting in the oven. It is an impossibility. Just ask yourself these questions: 1 - Dona€™t you wish sometimes you could decorate and cake to give to someone special on their birthday? 2 - Are you tired of buying bakery cakes and wishing you could do that yourself? 3 - Decorating cookies can be just as frustrating and with the holidays every year. Wouldna€™t you like to make something that didna€™t just taste good, but looked good too? 4 - Have you tried using a pastry bag? 5 - They say it is so easy! Was it easy for you? 6 - How many times have you ended up with icing all over the place and the icing on the cookie or the cake still looked bad? 7 - Have you ever tried using a plastic bag by snipping the end off? I dona€™t know about you, but it didna€™t work so well for me either. Over the years I have heard a couple of tips. What I didna€™t know is that I wasna€™t getting all of the tip! Ia€™d try their tips, but they never worked for me. Then a friend of mine suggested taking a cake-decorating course being offered by our local hobby and craft store. Since I wasna€™t doing anything, I thought I would go check it out. My life has not been the same since. My cakes look wonderful and after taking a few more of the advanced decorating classes I am much better at decorating than I was. Instead of avoiding baking cakes to ice, now I make excuses to bake cakes just so I can practice more on my decorating skills. My husband is complaining about the weight he is putting on and I tell him to go work it off. To be honest, he loves my cakes now better than before. I have only taken a basic class and I am ready for them to start signing people up for the next class. I have found there are even other classes I can take. I started looking online and I found a place close to me offering these types of classes. As I looked even more online, I found there are web sites giving you step-by-step instructions to making some of these things. That might be great for some, but for me I need to watch someone do it. Then one day it hit me. If I could compile everything I have found on the web and place at peoplea€™s fingertips, they will have an easier time find information than I did. So thata€™s what I did. I am on my way to being an expert cake decorator and you can too. Find the classes or the type of instruction which ever works best for you and get started just like I did and in no time you will be decorating cake and cookies like a pro!Cake Decorating III Fondantand Tiered Cakes In this course youwill learn detailed accents suchas embroidery and lace, ... Paste With rolled fondant and gum paste, there is absolutelyno limit to the decorations youcan make for your cakes.

Title:Cake Decorating Book
Author:Thrive Living Library
Publisher:Midwest Journal Press - 101-01-01


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