California Gardener's Handbook

California Gardener's Handbook

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DIVWith over 100 years of combined gardening experience, renowned California horticulturalists Bruce and Sharon Asakawa bring you the perfect when-to, how-to, and what-to plant guide for gardening in the Golden State./divDIV /divDIVPerhaps youa€™ve always entertained the idea of cultivating a garden in your California landscape, but have never quite known where to begin. Perhaps youa€™ve stood helplessly by as your once-beautiful calico flowers withered beneath the persistent western sun. Dona€™t despair! Fortunately, therea€™s a specialized gardening guide to the rescue, tailored exclusively to the needs of California residents./divDIV /divDIVIn California Gardenera€™s Handbook, beloved California gardening duo Bruce and Sharon Asakawa walk you through 350 plant species destined to flourish amid the varied climates and environmental challenges of California. With the help of gorgeous photography and foolproof instructions, theya€™ll teach you how to plant, prune, water, control pests, and care for your personal outdoor oasis. Fifteen plant categories give you hundreds of choices, letting you find the flora that best fit your microclimate. Even better, the Asakawas provide twelve full months of when-to advice for each plant category, allowing you to successfully enjoy this peaceful pastime all year round. Whether youa€™re craving the sweetness of the dragon fruit or longing for the cheery visual splendor of the blue marguerite daisy, California Gardenera€™s Handbook will equip you to confidently awaken your inner gardening enthusiast./divYour Complete Guide: Select * Plan * Plant * Maintain * Problem-solve Bruce Asakawa, Sharon Asakawa ... Planting/Carea€”Follow planting instructions for a#39; Altissimoa#39;. Wear rugged thorn-proof gloves when ... Can grow as a shrub, but this repeat bloomer shows off best as a climber along a fence, arbor or pillar. Use a darker ... acidic soil. Fertilize with a complete organic granular rose food spring- summer.

Title:California Gardener's Handbook
Author:Bruce Asakawa, Sharon Asakawa
Publisher:Cool Springs Press - 2013-08-15


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