California: The Politics of Diversity - us

California: The Politics of Diversity - us

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Written by someone who teaches the California Politics course and who has worked in local government, this text is a comprehensive, thematically-organized treatment of California politics. This text uses two themes-diversity and hyperpluralism-that make this state's political climate so interesting. In particular, the author examines the growing proliferation of pressures and groups that compete for attention and make governing the state increasingly challenging. And, to illustrate the connection between California politics and American politics, the author discusses aspects of American politics-such as the democratic, elite, and pluralist theories-and how these broader concepts add new clarity and depth to any understanding of California politics.Ballot-Box Budgeting The initiative process is also an important sacred cow in California. ... While policymakers bemoan earmarking, it does encourage otherwise tax-shy voters to fund programs they regard as beneficial. Third, some ... In effect, voters set parameters within which elected budgetmakers must work. ... The result of all these constraints has been what one editorialist called a a#39;a#39;fiscal pretzel.

Title:California: The Politics of Diversity - us
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