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Calixarenes belong to a family of macrocyclic compounds based on a hydrozyalkylation product of a phenol and an aldehyde, and are probably the world's most readily available synthetic molecular basket. The word calixarene is derived from calyx, Greek for chalice and arene in reference to the presence of aryl groups in the cyclic array. Calixarenes are appealing subjects for research since they can be functionalized in myriad ways to provide interesting and useful materials. As a result of their ease of synthesis they have attracted worldwide attention. Calixarenes An Introduction provides a concise overview of the field with particular attention to the historical development of Calixarenes. Topics covered include how to synthesize and functionalize Calixarenes, examination of Calixarenes properties and applied uses of Calixarenes. The volume contains extensive references to recent literature, offering the reader a valid presentation of information, and will be of immediate value to researchers, as well as graduates and professionals, who require a comprehensive introduction to the subject.1994, C50, 73. 51S. Usui, K. Deyama, R. Kinoshita, Y. Odagaki and Y. Fukazawa, Tetrahedron Lett. 1993, 34, 8127. 52G. ... 1988, 6, 613; P. Thuery, N. Keller, M. Lance, J.-D. Vigner and M. Nierlich, J. Inclusion Phenom. Molec. ... J. Wolfgong, L. K. Talafuse, J. M. Smith, M. J. Adams, F. Adeobga, M. Valenzuela, E. Rodriguez, K. Contreras, D. M. Carter, A. Bacchus, A. R. McGuffey and S. G. Bott, Supramol.

Author:Carl David Gutsche
Publisher:Royal Society of Chemistry - 2008-01-01


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