Call of Duty - Call of Duty

Call of Duty - Call of Duty

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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 91. Chapters: Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Challenges, Detachments, Gameplay mechanics, Zombie Utilities, Aperture Sight, Bipod, Capture the Flag, Coaxial Machine Gun, Create-A-Class, Docks, Gas Mask, Greased Bearings, Hardcore, Leadfoot, N 74 ST, Ordnance Training, Prestige Mode, Private Match, Second Chance, Shades, Signal Flare, Sniper Scope, Tabun Gas, Telescopic Sight, Water Cooler, XP, Boot Camp, Elite, Expert, Field Specialist, Humiliation, Killer, Marksman, Operations, Vehicle, Sawed-Off, Snub Nose, Assault Strike Package, Black Ops Data Servers, Call of Duty game engine mechanics, Censoring option, Cheats, Clan Tag, Console commands, Damage multiplier, Death Cards, Dog Tags, Equipment, Fire mode, Game Engine, Headshots Only, Health system, HUD, Maps, Marksman, Melee, Randomly generated soldiers, Recoil, Shellshock, Specialist Strike Package, Strike Chain, Strike Package, Support Strike Package, XP, Deadshot Daiquiri, Double Tap Root Beer, Electro-Shock Defenses, Elevator, Fire Pit, Flinger, Flogger, Gravity Lift, Ice Slide, Juggernog, Lunar Lander, Mainframe, MDT, Mine Cart, Mud-Pit Maze, Mystery Box, Oil Drum, Pack-a-Punch Machine, Perk-a-Cola, PhD Flopper, Power Switch, Punji Stakes, Quick Revive, Reservoir Trap, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, Water Slide, Wonder Weapons, Zipline. Excerpt: The Aperture Sight is a precision sight in Call of Duty: World at War with an open view around it. There is a black crosshair with a fairly large black dot center. This sight is useful for quick acquisition of targets and keeping scoped in while still being able to monitor the surrounding area. It provides the same amount of zoom as iron sights, but with increased peripheral visibility. The aperture sight is useful for medium range sniping and medium to close combat. It is often seen on the STG-44, as the low recoil makes it relatively easy to home in on a target with the aperture sigh...This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online.

Title:Call of Duty - Call of Duty
Author:Source: Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2012-05


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