Calorie Accounting

Calorie Accounting

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Dieting is ridiculous. Ita€™s a never-ending roller-coaster ride of ups and downs, corkscrews and loop-the-loops, rattled brains and upset stomachs. Every day a new morning show nutritionist announces the latest yogalates pose or rare strain of kale designed to attack those stubborn ass dimples, but every day, no matter what new acai Kool-Aid youa€™re drinking, your ass dimples are multiplying! Ita€™s not adding up, and ita€™s time to do the math. Calorie Accounting is a fun and funny, cool and creative, visual and vibrant lifestyle how-to that delivers the skinny on the arithmetic of weight loss. Typically, therea€™s nothing less enjoyable than being fat and preferring not to be, but Calorie Accounting finally allows us to cut the crap and face this thing head ona€”with jokes, puns, humiliating photos, and self-deprecation! Because after all, in the all-too-heavy world of health and fitness, cana€™t we afford to lighten up a bit? Calorie Accounting is a tried-and-true diet plan, developed, followed, and documented by Mandy Levy, your author and sarcastic best friend. Her been-there-done-that words and pictures will inspire, mentor, and guide you through your own weight-loss success story with step-by-step instructions and extended metaphors for: Checks and balances! Shopping! Shakina€™ that moneymaker! Recipes (for disaster)! And more!Add cheese, salsa, orie bag of Nacho Cheesier** Doritos to make a bunch of crumbs, then open and pour over your salad. ... I believe theya#39;re now selling this stuff in bottles, but every time I pass a Taco Bell, I run in, throw twenty packs of Fireanbsp;...

Title:Calorie Accounting
Author:Mandy Levy
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2015-04-21


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