Cambridge Learner's Dictionary English-Turkish with CD-ROM

Cambridge Learner's Dictionary English-Turkish with CD-ROM

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Designed for Turkish speaking learners of English, a semi-bilingual dictionary gives definitions in English with translations in Turkish and includes word partner boxes showing how words are used together, vocabulary building features, exercises, and theentire dictionary on CD-ROM with words pronounced in British and American English.4 ie.mphasizei used to empha- size the main verb ana fiilin anlamApnAp kuvvetlendirmek iAsin kullanAplApr He does like you, he s ... or job icra etmek, etmek Go upstairs and do your homework. o What are you doing this Apveekend? o What does she do? ... 7 do damage/ harm, ete to cause damage/harm, ete zarar/hasar/ ziyan vermek Luckily the fire didn t do much damage. ... rAphtApma yanaAŸmak 2 dock sba#39;s pay/vvages to take away part of the money you pay someone, usually as a punishmentanbsp;...

Title:Cambridge Learner's Dictionary English-Turkish with CD-ROM
Author:Cambridge University Press
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2009-09-24


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