Campaign Ruby

Campaign Ruby

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Campaign Ruby is a delightful combination of fashion, faux pas and the unexpected fun of federal politics. Meet Ruby Stanhope: late-twenties, workaholic investment banker, Notting Hill fashionista. But that was yesterday. Today Ruby is retrenched, hungover, Ap2000 poorer - holding a same-day, non-refundable ticket to Melbourne. Arriving in the middle of a heatwave, she meets the Leader of the Opposition at a party and is drafted to work on his election campaign. Out of her depth, and dealing with a breakneck schedule, a hot (off-limits) journalist, imminent deportation and a malfunctioning wardrobe, Ruby must do her best to win the election and find love. Jessica Rudd, 28, had three career changes in as many years - law, PR, politics - but is now going steady with her life as a writer. She hopes Ruby Blues, sequel to Campaign Ruby, will give her readers as many laughs as she had writing it. Jessica is based in Beijing. 'From the first know you are in for a fabulous time. It's a roller-coaster, high-heeled adventure...filled with intriguing media moments, wardrobe disasters, travelling hiccups and a selection of romantic encounters. Extremely enjoyable.' Woman's Day 'Jessica Rudd's debut novel is a light-hearted, skilfully written political romp...Her language is fresh and she is all the more impressive because of the momentum she sustains, a rarity among first-time novelists. Campaign Ruby is the Gen Y comedy of manners par excellence...If Kevin Rudd had been as funny as his daughter, our nation's history might be different. She has all the qvaluesq - family, loyalty, friendship - but doesn't take herself too seriously; she has a charming gift for language...comedy writing is never easy, but a comedy of political manners - how cool is that?' Natasha Stott Despoja, Age 'Rudd is very good at balancing the serious side of politic with the slapstick antics that are de rigueur in chick lit. There are comic moments that are genuinely snort-worthy...Rudd's pacing throughout is excellent - there's rarely a moment where the narrative energy flags - and she has a great ear for dialogue.' Weekend Australian 'Think Bridget Jones on the campaign trail with some surprising humour.' Hobart Mercurya#39;Do you have a booking reference number, Miss Stanhope?a#39; a#39;Ita#39;s GCU9263a€”GCU probably stands for Giant Cock Up.a#39; Mara laughed, which I took as a good sign. a#39;Ia#39; m going to place you on hold for a minute, Miss Stanhope, while I pull up youranbsp;...

Title:Campaign Ruby
Author:Jessica Rudd
Publisher:Text Publishing - 2010-08-16


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