Campaign Strategy and the Key to Political Longevity

Campaign Strategy and the Key to Political Longevity

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Strategy is a simple and powerful method of analysis, it works in the abstract and it is new to most readers. Designed for the overburdened political operative, constituent steps of strategy are easy to understand, analyse or design once divested of their theoretical apparatus. Strategys powers for coping with uncertainty and the unexpected are easily harnessed for the achievement of political success, and it is by this ease of application that the design of the present book may be judged. It is possible, for example, for the harried reader to go directly to the chapters on developing a campaign strategy or designing a response to a political tactic. The goal of the present book is to propose that strategy can be a suitable foundation for the analysis and development of any electoral candidates campaign, the significance of events in the course of that campaign, and the prescription of a course of action, strategic or tactical, for winning elections. By taking into account strategic interventions as well as strategic interactions, it is possible to run a successful campaign for parties or individual candidates. Strategy provides a useful forecasting tool for relations between all the actors who may be involved (individuals, groups, political parties, factions within those parties, governments at various levels, pressure groups and even election officials), which are fraught or otherwise difficult. This book is the most recent instalment in a series of books and articles introducing a new general theory of strategy and its applications to an audience primarily composed of non-strategists. The present series of books also fit into a broader oeuvre, integrated along three axes. The first axis focuses on the methodological and theoretical development of this new theory of strategy. The second axis presents several structured sets of case studies focusing on the various types of actors in political systems, broadly defined. The third axis presents a series of exercises and worksheets which pertain either to particular applications of strategy or which spans the intellectual development of a good strategist. This book covers both the first and third axes, explaining the use of strategy in election campaigns.What would make their victory easier? How much time do they need? How much cooperation from other actors do they need? Do they need some other individual or groupa#39;s approval, commitment, or permission? Who? When? To do what?

Title:Campaign Strategy and the Key to Political Longevity
Author:Laure Paquette
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2005


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