Campaigning in the Twenty-First Century

Campaigning in the Twenty-First Century

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So much has changed during the past decade in political campaigning that we can almost say qit's a whole new ball game.q This book analyzes the way campaigns were traditionally run and the extraordinary changes that have occurred in the last decade. Dennis W. Johnson looks at the most sophisticated techniques of modern campaigninga€”micro-targeting, online fundraising, digital communication, the new mediaa€”and examines what has changed, how those changes have dramatically transformed campaigning, and what has remained fundamentally the same despite new technologies and communications. Campaigns are becoming more open and free-wheeling, with greater involvement of activists and average voters alike. But they can also become more chaotic and difficult to control. Campaigning in the Twenty-First Century presents daunting challenges for candidates and professional consultants as they try to get their messages out to voters. Ironically, the more open and robust campaigns become, the greater is the need for seasoned, flexible and imaginative professional consultants.For example, in March 2009, Jeff Bewkes, the chief executive officer of Time Warner, announced a plan to put all of its ... MySpace, Hulu, and even YouTube.5 Network televisions shows as well have migrated to the Internet, to cell phones, ... If you want to reach young men, try ESPN, the Outdoor channel or the Daily Show ; a gay-lesbian audience, try Logo; ... Blocking Out Television Ads What do audience members do when commercials are shown on their favorite television shows?

Title:Campaigning in the Twenty-First Century
Author:Dennis W. Johnson
Publisher:Routledge - 2011-01-31


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