Can American Manufacturing Be Saved?

Can American Manufacturing Be Saved?

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This book details how manufacturing developed in America through the industrial revolution and labor movement, analyzes the impact of outsourcing offshore and our nationa€™s trade policies, looks at what various organizations are doing to try to help save American manufacturing, and what we can do as individuals from the perspective of business owners, employees, consumers, and voters to save American manufacturing. Author Michele NashHoff argues that we will not be able to save American manufacturing unless we develop a national manufacturing strategy and change our trade policies. She supports a a€œBuy Americana€ policy, recommends preventing the sale of strategic U.S.owned companies to foreign companies, and enacting legislation to prevent corporations from avoiding income taxes by incorporating in a foreign country. The 2012 edition also describes the qReshoring Initiativeq and considers the reasons why companies are returning manufacturing back to America from Asia.Inshoring and Nearshoring Growing a€œInshoringa€ refers to a foreign company setting up a plant in the U.S., while ... of the Indian rupee versus the dollar, the decline in H1B visa availability, and the desire to be closer to their U.S. customer base. ... for consumption in foreign countries will be even more crucial to profitability as transportation costs continue to increase. ... The U.S. will both gain and lose ground as companies make choices about the best place to do a given piece of workanbsp;...

Title:Can American Manufacturing Be Saved?
Author:Michele NashHoff
Publisher:Garrett County Press - 2012-12-15


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