Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?

Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?

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What is ear wax for? Do bacteria have sex? How do they put stripes in toothpaste? Does your nose run in space? What are stars made of? This book answers those tantalising or perplexing questions for which you thought you'd never find an answer. A book for the naturally curious, as well as those seekers after scientific truths, it unravels both those things we take for granted, such as wehn you boil an egg, why does the yolk stay in the middle, or why is the sky blue, as well as questions which probe deeply, such as, what does an atom look like, or what was there before the beginning of time? if you were to write in the dust on the moon, how big would the letters have to be so you could see them from earth without a telescope? Drawing on the expertise of a team of enthusiastic scientists around the world, authoritative, entertaining, and often a touch humorous, it will appeal to anyone who's ever been curious about life on earth.Why does it taste so bad? Ear wax contains long ... Why do we have freckles on the backs of our hands but none on our fingers? Freckles ... How long can adead embalmed body stay ina house before it starts to decompose? Bodies thatareanbsp;...

Title:Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?
Author:Paul Heiney
Publisher:The History Press - 2011-10-24


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