Can I Play Chess on Shabbas

Can I Play Chess on Shabbas

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Joe Bobker's easy-to-read, indispensable and educational tour de force of the complexities of the laws of Shabbas and the beauty of the lores of Shabbas!Did you ever wonder? Is long-life relative to Shabbas? What s the essence of Shabbas? How did Shabbas observance become the standard of Judaism itself? What s the difference between to remember and to observe? How is it possible to suddenly become holy just because it s Shabbas? Is Shabbas good for the Jews or are the Jews good for Shabbas? What does Shabbas have to do with God s DNA? Why candles? Why not start the Shabbas with cake or herring? Why do Jewish women get the mitzva of lighting Shabbas candles? What does Sheki a mean? Why does my mother cover her eyes when lighting Shabbas candles? I only have enough money to buy Shabbas candles or wine? Which one do I buy? What if I can t light candles on time? Can I make ice cream for the kids on Shabbas? Can I go to a baseball match on Shabbas if someone else carries my ticket for me? Can I go jogging on Shabbas? Can my children build lego sets on Shabbas? Can I pet my dog on Shabbas? Can I set a mouse trap on Shabbas? I was raised in the outback of Australia and we often came across rattlesnakes on Shabbos. What were we supposed to do? Have you seen the price of fish lately! It s more than a barrel of oil! Must I buy it for Shabbas? Can I make ice cubes on Shabbas? Can I open a beer bottle on Shabbas?...Therea#39;s a halachic difference between setting a wig - forbidden, because ita#39;s fixing something - and conventional combing, which is OK if you use a brush that doesna#39;t pull hair out of the sheitel (wig). Q: Can I untangle my necklace chain onanbsp;...

Title:Can I Play Chess on Shabbas
Author:Joe Bobker
Publisher:Gefen Publishing House Ltd - 2008-08


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