Can You See Me Now?

Can You See Me Now?

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Ever consider those intoxicating moments life chooses to introduce sex to her innocents? In this gloves-off adventure you'll meet a hooker, a mare in heat and the minister's wife all playing roles in qWhiteyq Spittle's sex education. When Granny dies, Whitey's divorced mother reluctantly surrenders, and farms out her ten-year-old handful to a succession of foster homes. Too young, he lacks the tools to compare and evaluate qnormal, q and views unfamiliar sleeping arrangements as qokay, for a kid.q But it's in Saint John's School that he earns his campaign ribbons. The Sisters of St. Joseph regularly relieve him of contraband wax lips, horned toads, and wooden matches. An aversion to catechism lessons and long-division combines with classroom antics, and the nuns lock arms against their student with qstorms in his head.q The misguided eight-year-old flies off his garage to test-flight Grandmother's umbrella. During WWII the high school sophomore positions explosives on a local trolley track. And a fraternity qlow-riderq accidentally full-throttles a borrowed Harley Davidson into the Pacific surf. Thankfully, Mother remarries and brings her qLittle Jackassq home to his own bed. Things begin to fall into place, and Mother can finally exhale.Manual for a Deranged Boyhood Frank Spittle ... Wea#39;d all race over to crowd around Roland Hollings, and piss up and down his lanky frame while he had his face ... Eugene Hinkley bragged that, when he took drama, he banged her after school one afternoon, right on the sofa backstage behind the maroon valor curtains.

Title:Can You See Me Now?
Author:Frank Spittle
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-08


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