Canadian Institutions And Children's Best Interests

Canadian Institutions And Children's Best Interests

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From Momany's wealthy and agonizing expibasketism so much can be drawn to teach about, demote or promote, and to portray Canada as it has never been properly understood; not only by outsiders but also by Canadians themselves. This book makes an extensive and detailed use of that basket of experience to deliver the message that Canada is not at all the 'children's-best-interests-friendly' nation that it is often mistaken for. Canada may be entitled to what it claims to be. But, since a country or community can only be correctly seen through the workings of the institutions that incarnate it, this study has dared to show a contrary portrait. It documents and proves the theorization that most of the country's institutions that are supposedly there to carter for and protect children and promote their wellbeing and glowing avenir often end up in reality instead actively working against the said children and all what their best interest should properly signify. The hope is that the experts in the relevant fields can find the material presented herein useful for their further specialized and in-depth analyses and sane policy formulation.Chapter 2 Battling From Joint Custody To Sole Custody: The Gold-Digging Enterprise Reversing Gear From The ... does she ever realize exactly what she is doing to the children that she is claiming to love, and entitled to full custody of them? ... namely, (1) the modified joint custody to introduce children support and ( 2) the persistent drive to sole custody. ... 2015a: 46-73), a€œFlavie (who loves free- riding a lot) has been doing everything to ensure that I only remain working in the forest.

Title:Canadian Institutions And Children's Best Interests
Author:Ateh-Afac Fossungu, Peter
Publisher:Langaa RPCIG - 2015-06-16


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