Canal House Cooking, Volumes One Through Three

Canal House Cooking, Volumes One Through Three

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A collection of the first three volumes in Canal House Cookinga€™s seasonal recipes series, for the novice and experienced cook alike Including Canal House favorites for every season, Canal House Cooking Volumes One Through Three collects the recipes we cook for ourselves throughout the year. In summer, we make jarsful of teriyaki sauce for slathering on chicken. We love to cook big paellas outdoors over a fire for a crowd of friends. We are crazy for ripe melons, and we churn tubs of ice cream for our families. In the fall and holiday seasons, we cook our grandmothersa€™, auntsa€™, and mothersa€™ recipes to bring them to life, and invite the people we miss to the table again. For us, it wouldna€™t be a holiday without Neeniea€™s Sourdough-Sage Stuffing, or Jima€™s Roast Capon, or Peggya€™s Grand Marnier SoufflAc. And in winter and spring we make jars of marmalade for teatime and to give to our friends. We warm and nourish ourselves with hearty soups and big pots of stews and braises. We roll out pasta and make cannelloni for weekend or special-occasion gatherings. Cook all year long with Canal House Cooking!BOIL. AN. EGG. Very fresh eggs dona#39;t peel well no matter how gently youa#39;ve boiled them or for how long. The shell clings to the white like a second ... The remedy is to hang on to your very fresh eggs for about a week in the refrigerator before hard-boiling them. ... Submerge large eggs straight from the fridge into a pot of gently boiling water (the water should cover the eggs by about 1 inch) and cook for: 6anbsp;...

Title:Canal House Cooking, Volumes One Through Three
Author:Christopher Hirsheimer, Melissa Hamilton
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2013-01-01


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