Cancel The Apocalypse

Cancel The Apocalypse

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Ever get the feeling that things are falling apart? You're not alone. From bad banks to global warming it can all look hopeless, but what if everything could turn out, well, even better than before? What if the only thing holding us back is a lack of imagination and a surplus of old orthodoxies? It's a topsy-turvy world in which a country can import the same amount of ice-cream, toilet paper and other goods to trading partners as it exports, and where top bankers are paid millions for destroying economic value, while hospital cleaners create value many times their pay. In fascinating and iconoclastic detail - on everything from the cash in your pocket to the food on your plate and the shape of our working lives - Cancel the Apocalypse describes how the relentless race for economic growth is not always one worth winning, how excessive materialism has come at a terrible cost to our environment, and hasn't even made us any happier in the process. Simms believes passionately in the human capacity for change, and shows how the good life remains in our grasp. While global warming and financial meltdown might feel like modern day horsemen of the apocalypse, Simms shows how such end of the world scenarios offer us the chance for a new beginning.Transcript at alt; speech455.pdfagt;. 10 Keynes ... 22 Andrew G. Haldane, a#39;The $100 billion questiona#39; , comments given at the Institute of Regulation and Risk, Hong Kong, 30 March 2010.Transcriptat ... 24 Adair Turner, a#39;Whatdobanksdo, what should they do and what public policiesareneededto ensure best results for the real economy?a#39;, speechanbsp;...

Title:Cancel The Apocalypse
Author:Andrew Simms
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-02-28


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