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Constantine Sult's story of an unnamed man rapidly dying of a nightmarish disease. Secluding himself in his apartment rooms, his only companion is his cat, Alastaire Cello, who he determines to keep unaware of his impending death. A poetic study of isolation, anxiety and the need for compassion, CANDOUR is also a deeply felt meditation on a man's struggle to find meaning in his identity when faced with his own mortality and the idea of the eternal.And the substance that was on the outside of it seemed like thick clumps of red and brown phlegm. ... one of the vent pipes, the one that protrudes, dull rust and green, from the brick a few feet from the window is wheezing a lolling steam that smells damp and of a pink detergent. ... The shower curtain two thirds drawn. The pea green polka dots of it shading one another where the sheath of plastic drapes.

Author:Constantine Sult
Publisher:Brown Paper Publishing - 2007-09-15


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