Candy Fairies: Bubble Gum Rescue

Candy Fairies: Bubble Gum Rescue

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Raina wants to make a very special birthday treat for Berry. She's even asked Lyra, the unicorn who looks after the Fruit Chew Meadow, to grow a special flower for the surprise. But when Raina and Dash go to visit Lyra, they are in for a sour shock! All the flowers in the meadow are wilting and Lyra's sick! Her horn is dull and she can't stand up. Something - or someone - is hurting the gentle unicorn and the meadow, but who? And what about Berry's birthday? All the Candy Fairies will have to work together if they are to solve this mystery, cure the meadow and Lyra, and make sure that Berry has the sweetest birthday ever!a€œYoua#39;ve been pure as sugar, a€ she said. a€œThank you forhelping so much withthe rescue centre.a€ a€œThisis the sweetest partofthe ... a€œWhy not have to rescue the a celebration now? Allthefairies worked ... should have a party!a€ a€œA bubblicious party!

Title:Candy Fairies: Bubble Gum Rescue
Author:Helen Perelman
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2013-10-24


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