Canine & Feline Skin Diseases

Canine & Feline Skin Diseases

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Great pet care begins with an informed owner. When veterinarians have INSTRUCTIONS FOR VETERINARY CLIENTS: Canine and Feline Skin Diseases at their fingertips, giving the owners the information they need is as easy as 1-2-3. Why? Because this handy, complete collection of dog and cat skin disease handouts is designed to be photocopied, so the veterinarian can give the client a copy of the appropriate handout during an office visit. Each handout is organized with a description of the problem, important treatment points, and precautionary instructions. This valuable book covers approximately 78 skin diseases and 13 general therapies, organized by type of skin problem, such as hypersensitivities, neoplasias and parasitic conditions. Using this binder in veterinary practice increases communication between veterinarian and client, and ensures healthier skin for dogs and cats. * Provides up-to-date information on management of skin diseases in dogs and cats. * Contains helpful assessment and history forms to help the veterinarian diagnose the patient's specific problem and monitor treatment. * Includes handouts on 78 skin problems and 13 therapies. * Packages content in a 3-ring overlay binder with 3-hole punched sheets that allow easy access for photocopying. * Presents information in simple, straight forward language that is easily understood by clients. * Provides space on handouts to write additional information and instructions. * Includes a Preface and How To Use section that describe benefits to busy practitioners and staff, so they get the most out of the handouts.Flea-bite Hypersensitivity (Flea Allergy) General Information The flea found on dogs and cats is a small, brown, and wingless insect that feeds on the blood of its ... Corticosteroids (prednisone) will reduce itching but will not remove the fleas. 4.

Title:Canine & Feline Skin Diseases
Author:David D. Duclos
Publisher:Mosby Incorporated - 1999


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