Can't Buy My Love

Can't Buy My Love

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qWhen was the last time you felt this comfortable in a relationship?q -- An ad for sneakers qYou can love it without getting your heart broken.q -- An ad for a car qUntil I find a real man, I'll settle for a real smoke.q -- A woman in a cigarette ad Many advertisements these days make us feel as if we have an intimate, even passionate relationship with a product. But as Jean Kilbourne points out in this fascinating and shocking exposAc, the dreamlike promise of advertising always leaves us hungry for more. We can never be satisfied, because the products we love cannot love us back. Drawing upon her knowledge of psychology, media, and women's issues, Kilbourne offers nothing less than a new understanding of a ubiquitous phenomenon in our culture. The average American is exposed to over 3, 000 advertisements a day and watches three years' worth of television ads over the course of a lifetime. Kilbourne paints a gripping portrait of how this barrage of advertising drastically affects young people, especially girls, by offering false promises of rebellion, connection, and control. She also offers a surprising analysis of the way advertising creates and then feeds an addictive mentality that often continues throughout adulthood.Carroll, J. (1996, November 24). Adventures into new ... J. (1999, January 24). Drugs on TV: It all ads up. ... TV Guide, 10. Chronicle News Services (1997, July 18). Road rage found in most fatalities. San Francisco Chronicle, A3. Clark, D. B. anbsp;...

Title:Can't Buy My Love
Author:Jean Kilbourne
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2012-06-26


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