Capitalism: Servant or Master?

Capitalism: Servant or Master?

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Capitalism pretends to be free enterprise, but this book shows it destroys free enterprises and seeks control over all the governments of the world. Atlas Shrugged and Wealth of Nations are discussed and shown to be deeply flawed as a source of economic guidance. Some of the catch phrases often used to dismiss the effectiveness of government action, such as a€œIa€™m from the government and Ia€™m here to helpa€, or a€œI will run government like a businessa€, or maybe a€œGreed is really good for everybodya€, and a number of others are discussed. When they are mentioned, often accompanied by a chuckle and laughter, they sound dismissive. Here is a different look at those comments. What is the trade-off between production and the concept of a€œprofita€? The book also shows how many politically powerful corporations need wars to fight and prisoners in prison to increase their profits.39 Ibid. p.659 1. vip-dipe b 792184.html 41 Rand, Ayn. ... also economy/2011-04-04-us-economy-jobs.htm 2. Offshore Banks/Also ... 162-4535488.html 54 5 .³.pdf 5.

Title:Capitalism: Servant or Master?
Author:John Womack
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2012-07-08


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