Captain Wilder Part One

Captain Wilder Part One

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When a bolt of lightning strikes mild-mannered astronomer James Wilder, his blood is electrified, shocking him into a fearless, irreverent adventurer! The first piece of a supernatural treasure map is burned into the floor at his feet, setting him on the course of an epic, madcap expedition! With a skittish former sailor and a beautiful warrior woman at his side, James leads his ragtag crew across the world to collect the scattered pieces of the map in a hunt for a deathly powerful treasure. But, the exotic lands between are fraught with danger, and the trio must face giants, sea monsters, ruthless criminals and brawling mermaids a€“ all leading to an inescapable clash with Olaf Riddeck, the red scourge of the seven seas, who is hot on their trail and determined to collect the treasure for himself to harness its evil potential. Captain Wilder is the first book in the action-packed Captain Wilder trilogy!In the short time they were away, the ship had been completely overgrown with vines. Gigantic wet leaves stuck to the hull, leaving the ship looking reminiscent of an enormous reptile with huge green scales. Nails rolled ... She fumbled with her collection as she hurried herself to make more medicine for James. Meanwhileanbsp;...

Title:Captain Wilder Part One
Author:T.D. Pierce
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2014-01-02


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