Car & Motorcycle Slang

Car & Motorcycle Slang

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Authors Lewis J. Poteet and Aaron C. Poteet, father and son, also wrote Hockey talk, a dictionary of Hockey slang. This book was born out of the sona€™s lifelong fascination with Police, crime and justice and his fathera€™s love of language. Lewis has written or co-authored numerous slang word and phrase books including Plane Talk, Car Talk and The South Shore Phrase Book. Lewis taught English for 32 years at Concordia University in Montreal and in winter 2000, was adjunct instructor in English at Austin (TX) Community College. Aaron holds a bachelora€™s degree in criminal justice from Northeastern University in Boston. As a sometime wayward youth, he walked the city streets at night as neighborhood patrol, Guardian Angel, even vigilante. His near obsession with the street led to work in the most thankless profession known to mana€”law enforcement (and he loved almost every minute of it!) working for the better part of a decade as a Special Police Officer in Boston and then briefly with the Austin Police Department. He now works for a large corporation in field collections. Gathered from live conversation and printed sources, this book presents the lively language of car and motorcycle fans, with entries also from car parts men, mechanics, car salesmen and ordinary drivers. Drawn from California, Canada, Texas, Boston, England, Belize, and other places it evokes the terror, the joy, the pride, the troubles that come from these Rube Goldbergish unholy alliances of fire and water, gasoline, steel, and rubber, designed to drag our bodies down the highway at unlawful speeds and get us caught in horrendous traffic jams, or travel freely in the land of the free and the home of the brave.The next day, we looked it up in his ownera#39;s manual, and there it was: a€œA red light blinking beside a#39;tempa#39; indicates the possibility ... In General Motors Firebirds, Camaros, etc., a new electro-mechanical device prevents your removing the key from the ignition ... A new device in 1988 is intended for 108 Car 8: Motorcycle Slang.

Title:Car & Motorcycle Slang
Author:Jim Poteet, Lewis Poteet
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-01-01


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