Carbon Dioxide Problem

Carbon Dioxide Problem

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The problems of global warming and environmental pollution are some of the most difficult challenges this planet faces in the 21st century. Carbon dioxide, often identified as one of the culprits, is an inevitable product of the combustion of fossil fuels, necessary for our modern economies to survive. Thus, The Carbon Dioxide Problem refers to the extremely complex matter of limiting carbon dioxide concentrations to levels that pose little environmental risk without devastating national economies and reducing living standards on the planet. This timely book offers solutions to the global warming problem that lie in the development of comprehensive energy and environmental policies that emphasize the need to use energy efficiently while looking to develop alternative renewable sources. The experience of Japan is particularly relevant due to that country's great dependence on foreign fuel supplies, which has led it to be at the forefront of developing new energy conservation and antipollution technologies.... even among the advanced nations. North America has heen hy far the greatest emitter of carhon dioxide, hoth now and in the past. The consumption in the developing world has clearly heen much less than in advanced regions, despite the marked increase in recent years. ... That heing the case, to what precise extent do developing countries have the right to emit carhon dioxide? Let us consider theanbsp;...

Title:Carbon Dioxide Problem
Author:Toshinori Kojima
Publisher:CRC Press - 1998-10-28


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