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My name is Dawn Jones and I was born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I had always had an interest in love and romance, I mean true romance with a little humor and excitement to boot. My main goal is to get you to see yourself through my stories and hopefully relate, or know someone who can possibly relate. I am thirty six years old but look more like twenty possibly eighteen so Ia€™ve been told a lot. I have three beautiful children ranging from eighteen, nine and eight. I have a wonderful, supportive loving husband and I have a mother whoa€™s by the way is a Reverend/Evangelist. My mothera€™s name is Reverend Emmaline Jones. Ia€™ve been raised in the church all my life and always had a Christian upbringing from my mother. I write what everyone else is afraid to write. I write the truth of whata€™s said in relationships. I write how someone gets hurt when their heart gets broken. I write about ghetto black love as it is portrayed in some cases, not most but some although my stories are mostly fiction it can relate to some instances you find yourself or someone you know going through, and if it do than I do believe I have done my job as a good and insightful writer to entertain you and move you while you take this journey into an imaginative place of love, sex, murder, adulterous chaotic, and stormy romance, but however you can relax because in my stories the storms dona€™t last forever therea€™s always a rainbow at the end of the tunnel thata€™s straight up for sure. So to conclude this, look for my next upcoming novels such as The Love That Almost Cost Me My Marriage, My Nigga His Number One Bitch, Nadeena Always Gets The Last Word and Her Love Cast a Spell On Me, and much much more. I am a new writer who will be looking forward to entertaining you with true raw emotional romance. I bring it to you the way ita€™s brought in the streets but with the way women see it and sometimes want it to be and the way a men not all but most sometimes live it. Dona€™t be offended about some things it happens to some but not most. So if it dona€™t apply just let the sh....t fly. To conclude this I hope to get feedback from you later you can email me at DIGGA TRIGGA: Hey babe ita#39;s good to see youa#39;re not about games. I see your plan is one in the same. You havena#39;t text or returned any of my calls. You know I should get my two brothers to make your trifling ass fall, but never mind all anbsp;...

Author:Dawn Unique Jones
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-03-10


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