Case-Based Reasoning

Case-Based Reasoning

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Case-based reasoning is one of the fastest growing areas in the field of knowledge-based systems and this book, authored by a leader in the field, is the first comprehensive text on the subject. Case-based reasoning systems are systems that store information about situations in their memory. As new problems arise, similar situations are searched out to help solve these problems. Problems are understood and inferences are made by finding the closest cases in memory, comparing and contrasting the problem with those cases, making inferences based on those comparisons, and asking questions when inferences can't be made. This book presents the state of the art in case-based reasoning. The author synthesizes and analyzes a broad range of approaches, with special emphasis on applying case-based reasoning to complex real-world problem-solving tasks such as medical diagnosis, design, conflict resolution, and planning. The author's approach combines cognitive science and engineering, and is based on analysis of both expert and common-sense tasks. Guidelines for building case-based expert systems are provided, such as how to represent knowledge in cases, how to index cases for accessibility, how to implement retrieval processes for efficiency, and how to adapt old solutions to fit new situations. This book is an excellent text for courses and tutorials on case-based reasoning. It is also a useful resource for computer professionals and cognitive scientists interested in learning more about this fast-growing field.CASE I make: MAZDA model: 626 model year: 1988 engine type: 2.0L EFI mileage: 12, 498 problem: Engine is ... The fuel injector was cloggeda€”aquot;Condition of fuel injector. repair: Cleaned the fuel injector. ... CASE 4 make: Toyota model: Camry model year: 1987 engine type: 2.8L mileage: 45, 774 problem: Not good gasanbsp;...

Title:Case-Based Reasoning
Author:Janet Kolodner
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann - 2014-06-28


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