Case Studies in Drowning Forensics

Case Studies in Drowning Forensics

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When a corpse is found in a body of water, authorities generally presume that the manner of death was either an accident or a suicide. They do not treat the recovery site as a potential crime scene or homicide, so many cases remain unsolved. Case Studies in Drowning Forensics investigates the cases of 13 bodies recovered from water in similar circumstances and one survivor. The product of intensive field investigation and archival research, this is the first book that presents and explains forensic autopsy evidence associated with the qSmiley Faceq murders. Each chapter begins with background information on the victim in the case and discusses when and where the victim was last seen and how the body was recovered. This is followed by in-depth analysis of the evidence found and the peculiarities of each case. Gannon and Gilbertson challenge authoritiesa€™ determinations regarding cause and manner of death by critically examining autopsy, toxicology, and law enforcement reports and photographs. They also reveal evidence not previously made publica€”including search efforts, cell phone records, GPS data, and additional drug tests. Building on each successive case study, they explain relationships among postmortem artifacts in a graphic format. Presenting the inside truth on the circumstances and the evidence, the book enables readers to determine for themselves whether the deaths of these young men were accidents or homicides.... intensify their a€œbuzza€ experience, to enhance their sexual prowess, or to facilitate date rape: cocaine, crack, heroin, codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, ... It typically shows up during toxicology tests of smokers and has even be used in research studies to demonstrate exposure to second-hand ... The average half- life of caffeine in the blood of a healthy individual is about 5.7 hours (Statland aamp; Demas, 1980). ... It simply meant that the amount in his body, if any, did not meet or exceedanbsp;...

Title:Case Studies in Drowning Forensics
Author:Kevin Gannon, D. Lee Gilbertson
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-03-07


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