Casey Templeton Mysteries 2-Book Bundle

Casey Templeton Mysteries 2-Book Bundle

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In Hate Cell, thirteen-year-old Casey Templeton has recently moved to the southeastern Alberta town of Richford. One night Casey seeks refuge from a snowstorm in an abandoned farmhouse and stumbles upon his nearly frozen, unconscious science teacher, Mr. Deverell. Casey attempts to revive his teacher and searches the house for something to make a fire. In the attic he makes a frightening discovery a€” an office filled with computers, a printer, and racist posters and flyers! Soon the RCMP and Caseya€™s hacker brother, Hank, get involved in the mystery, but ita€™s Casey who leads the investigation into a warped world where hate is marketed on the Internet and innocent people are preyed on by bigots and bullies. In Old Bones, while helping with a real dinosaur dig at the world-famous Royal Tyrrell Museum, Casey finds a piece of dinosaur tooth. Excited, he spends all afternoon looking for the rest of the tooth, but all he ends up getting is a nasty sunburn. Lying in his hotel room that night, trying to recover, he sees and hears two men in a nearby room planning a robbery of precious artifacts from the Tyrrell. As the summer comes to an end, Casey and his friend Mandy decide to relax and take a bicycle jaunt north of Drumheller. But on the road they accidentally meet up with the conspirators and soon find themselves in a grim situation. Casey has to use all his ingenuity and skills to escape so he can try to help thwart the planned heist. Can he do it? Includes Hate Cell Old BonesThen he tied a scarf around his neck and pulled on his knitted cap, warmest lined leather gloves, and winter boots. Hank put onhis sheepskin jacket, a heavy wool hat down low on his forehead, a longwool scarf, and high fleecelined boots. a€œ Lock up ... Now they were on the highway, but instead of being able to make up time, they were caught in a long line of cars going both ways on the twolane road.

Title:Casey Templeton Mysteries 2-Book Bundle
Author:Gwen Molnar
Publisher:Dundurn - 2014-09-23


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