Cat House

Cat House

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Niki Brooks' life is crumbling beneath her Manolo-clad feet. As a Luxury Home Real Estate Broker trying to survive one of the worst bubble bursts in thirty years, she is barely hanging on. With her own house under threat of foreclosure and her retirement holdings worthless, Niki thinks qoutside the houseq for a way to survive and decides selling fornication instead of foreclosures will be more steady-and more lucrative-income. But her new clandestine life as The Real Estate Madam is not just bordellos and bundles of cash. Almost immediately, Niki discovers that life on the seedy side of the sex-for-sale trade can be very challenging-and dangerous. Is the jealous wife of one of her clients going to succeed in sending her to The Big House? Could one of her girls be out to sabotage her business? Will her evil competitor follow through on her threat to run Niki out of town? What about the psycho-stalker ex-husband of one of her escorts? Will he actually pull the trigger the next time he shoves a gun in her face? Or could the mystery man following her around town-the one she calls Tall, Dark and Has Some, for obvious reasons-be interested in more than her charms? Niki's journey will take her to a place she never expected and to where she never wanted to be-but it will also lead her on a path of forgiveness and love, which is where everyone wants to be.Niki purchased the gun when she couldna#39;t afford to but wanted to feel more secure walking to her car after teaching evening classes at Gus jardine. She now wished she could have scrounged up the extra money to purchase the model that anbsp;...

Title:Cat House
Author:Mk Sandoval
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-07


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