Cataloging and Classification Standards and Rules

Cataloging and Classification Standards and Rules

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This is the first book to examine standards specifically as they apply to cataloging and classification, while at the same time considering the field of library science as a whole. The developments in standards detailed in Cataloging and Classification Standards and Rules portend great time savings in the cataloging process for those catalogers willing to advocate the necessary programming to their systems officer or bibliographic utility. Standards in the library and information science community underlie and impact the work of librarians and information specialists on a daily basis, yet, remain inconspicuous to even the most knowledgeable in the field. Cataloging and Classification Standards and Rules reviews the state of a full range of formal and informal standards and rules utilized in cataloging and classification. It also provides historical perspective, commentary, assessment of significance, and anticipation of future developments and evaluates the connections and interrelationships that exist among the various standards. Chapters in Cataloging and Classification Standards and Rules are written by professionals who have been key figures in the development of standards and have accessed primary source material for the preparation of their articles. They address these: what exactly constitutes a standard how something becomes a standard how standards undergo change evaluation of and commentary on the effectiveness of current standards the latest information on several standards currently in development, testing, or implementation what the future may hold Cataloging and Classification Standards and Rules is a valuable reference book for both beginning and experienced professional librarians. As managers and consumers of bibliographic information, it is crucial that librarians understand the nature and status of a variety of formal and informal standards. This book will assist them in this task. Library school students specializing in cataloging and classification will also find this book an indispensable guide as they prepare themselves for employment in the field.ANSI Z39.19 guidelines were not part of this merger, but the compilers of ANSI Z39.19 (1993)39 have stated clearly that they drew ... Little new ground has been broken, although there is still room for clarification and perhaps for revisiting the guidelines in the light of recent technological developments. ... There is a wide variation in the nature and quality of thesauri in both printed and electronic form.

Title:Cataloging and Classification Standards and Rules
Author:John J Riemer
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-04-03


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