Caught 'em Slippin'

Caught 'em Slippin'

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Miranda Benderas, born to an infamous Cuban Kingpin and his trophy wife, an African American supermodel. Miranda grew up with all the luxuries that other girls could only dream of. Her daddy proved that crime does pay. But isna€™t there always a cost to having it all? By age 13, Mirandaa€™s father was sentenced to life in prison. Has her father given her the necessary wisdom and tools to navigate through the world without him? Three short years later, Miranda falls into the arms of Philadelphiaa€™s Bad Boy, Sha-Rock. The beautiful flower of a woman thatTherea#39;s a certain code you play by in this town, if you expect to be allowed to play in the game. Trauma ... Hea#39;s wearing a dreadlock wig, with a baseball hat glued onto the top of it. Pitchblack ... ShaRock spots the black Ford Excursion parked across from the pullup bar. a€œThata#39;s him, a€ says ... All the doors open simultaneously .

Title:Caught 'em Slippin'
Author:Al-Saadiq Banks
Publisher:True 2 Life Publications - 2005-01-01


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