Caught in the Undertow (Hawaiian Crush #6)

Caught in the Undertow (Hawaiian Crush #6)

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The newlyweds are blissfully happy together. The heat hasna€™t died between them, and their honeymoon never seems to end. But Coen takes his role as a husband very seriously, and when Sydney works too much, hardly eats, never sleeps, studies too much, and spends all her time at the lab, he starts to worry. This behavior isna€™t good for her health and he has to intervene, whether she likes or not. Coen meets a new client at his gym, Casey, and the more he gets to know her, he realizes shea€™s in deep trouble. Just like his sister, she is being beaten and abused. It would be easy for him to forget about it and worry about his own problems, but he cana€™t. He has to help her. There is no other option. But when Casey makes him swear to keep it a secret, it creates another problem. Coen cana€™t lie to Sydney about his whereabouts and his actions. He feels torn. What will he do?a€œI wanted to say congratulations on your wedding day.a€ a€œOh, a€ Sydney said. She wasna#39;t expecting that. a€œThank you.a€ a€œCoena#39;s a lucky guy.a€ She nodded. a€œI love him very much.a€ a€œSo, how have you been, other than getting married?a€ Sydney feltanbsp;...

Title:Caught in the Undertow (Hawaiian Crush #6)
Author:E. L. Todd
Publisher:E. L. Todd - 2014-06-01


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