Celebrities and Movie Stars Death Bible Code, Vol. 2 – Their Fatal Cancers

Celebrities and Movie Stars Death Bible Code, Vol. 2 – Their Fatal Cancers

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Celebrities and movie stars, like everyone else, die from a variety of causes, including diseases (Vol.1 of this book) and cancers (Vol.2 of this book). When we ask if such causes of death are found encoded in the Torah along with the encoded names of who died from them, we find them all close together in one Torah Matrix (from Gen. 1:1 to 1 Samuel 10:17). For those uninitiated into the Bible Code mystery this might sound outlandish and impossible, but viewing the many Torah Matrices in this book, labeled clearly in black and white as secretly encoded facts staring us in the face might give pause to even the biggest skeptic. Volume 3 of this book will show the Torah-Bible Code Matrices of celebrities and movie starsa€™ deaths by accidents, murders, overdoses, and suicides a€“ their names found encoded in the Five Books of Moses, some with the year and location of their death; as another e-book through Author House, later in 2014. Thousands of similar results have been found by the author, covering many sorts of historical events ranging from the names of victims of natural disasters (e.g., Fukushima), ships sinking (e.g., Titanic), planes and trains and cars crashing (e.g. James Dean), assassinations worldwide over 4000 years (e.g., an Egyptian pharaoh, JFK, and John Lennon), Nazi Holocaust, mass shootings (Aurora, Columbine, Tucson, etc.), terror attacks (Benghazi, Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, 9/11), and war casualties (e.g., Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan). Even though there are only about 50 or fewer personalities identified by name in each of these three volumes, and shown encoded with how and where they died, each Volume could be expanded to hold many thousands of names and pages, one name per page of Matrix revealing those Torah-held secrets hidden for about 3400 years, and revealed here to the world for the first time in recorded history.Torah Death Matrix Found, Encoded With Various Cancers and Who Died From Them Steve Canada ... which will rival sacredness itself a€“ see authora#39;s Milwaukeea#39;s 1985 experience, described in paragraph 4 of the Afterword, above. One does not soon forget such an experience. ... Living life means walking the fine line between the absurd and the painful. ... of using adult stem cells to replace any severely damaged organ or tissue in the whole body is a key to keeping the body alive.

Title:Celebrities and Movie Stars Death Bible Code, Vol. 2 – Their Fatal Cancers
Author:Steve Canada
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-04-29


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