Celebrity Culture and the American Dream

Celebrity Culture and the American Dream

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Celebrity Culture and the American Dream, Second Edition considers how major economic and historical factors shaped the nature of celebrity culture as we know it today, retaining the first editiona€™s examples from the first celebrity fan magazines of 1911 to the present and expanding to include updated examples and additional discussion on the role of the internet and social media in todaya€™s celebrity culture. Equally important, the book explains how and why the story of Hollywood celebrities matters, sociologically speaking, to an understanding of American society, to the changing nature of the American Dream, and to the relation between class and culture. This book is an ideal addition to courses on inequalities, celebrity culture, media, and cultural studies.Elisabeth Hasselbeck may have parlayed a 2001 appearance on Survivor into a host position on The View in 2003 and then on Fox and ... With so many reality show personalities, the average reality show participant might earn $500a€“3, 000 for an occasional personal ... earning a reported $95 million that year.45, 46 A handful do make a lot of moneya€”Kim Kardashian reportedly earned $10 million inanbsp;...

Title:Celebrity Culture and the American Dream
Author:Karen Sternheimer
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-12-12


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