Celebrity, Inc.

Celebrity, Inc.

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From $10, 000 tweets to making money in the afterlife, a recovering gossip columnist explores the business lessons that power the Hollywood Industrial Complex Why do celebrities get paid so much more than regular people to do a job that seems to afford them the same amount of leisure time as most retirees? What do Bush-era economics have to do with the rise of Kim Kardashian? How do the laws of supply and demand explain why the stars of Teen Mom are on the cover of Us Weekly? And how was the sale of Brad Pitt and Angelina Joliea€™s baby pictures a little like a street drug deal? After a decade spent toiling as an entertainment journalist and gossip columnist, Jo Piazza asks the hard questions about the business behind celebrity. Make no mistake: Celebrity is an industry. Never in the course of human history has the market for celebrities been as saturated as it is today. Nearly every day most Americans will consume something a celebrity is sellinga€”a fragrance, a sneaker, a song, a movie, a show, a tweet, or a photo in a magazine. With the benefits of Piazzaa€™s unique access to the celebrity market, Celebrity, Inc. explains in detail what generates cash for the industry and what drains value faster than a starlet downs champagnea€”in twelve fascinating case studies that tackle celebrities the way industry analysts would dissect any consumer brand.How Famous People Make Money Jo Piazza ... The general rule of thumb is that box office hits will continue to be hits after the nomination and that indies will see a bump. A movie like The Departed, the Martin Scorsese gangster movie that won Best Picture for 2006, was already a commercial success leading up to itsanbsp;...

Title:Celebrity, Inc.
Author:Jo Piazza
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2011-11-15


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