CEO Branding

CEO Branding

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CEO Branding advances our understanding of the importance and impact that CEOs have on companies. In recent years, there has been a growing body of interdisciplinary literature on this powerful aspect of branding, and Fetscherin has invited a leading panel of international scholars and practitioners to contribute original chapters in their area of expertise. The book introduces the concept of the CEO as a brand, and outlines the q4Psq of this branding mix a€“ the CEO (person), personality, prestige (reputation), and performance. It discusses the CEO branding process, and demonstrates the many ways in which this a€˜human branda€™ affects the company in financial terms (such as performance, profit, and stock returns), as well as non-financial terms (reputation, trust, and firm strategy). The book also includes a€˜lessons learneda€™ and many examples that illustrate how companies can measure and manage the CEO brand. This comprehensive, authoritative volume will give students, researchers, marketing and communication managers, and CEOs themselves a thorough understanding of all aspects of the CEO brand. A must read for any CEO who is serious about developing, managing and measuring their own brand. For more information, visit www.ceobranding.orgHe was named CEO of the Year in 2006 by Chief Executive Magazine, and his best-selling book, The Game Changer, was named one of the ... B2B CEO Branding Does CEO branding make sense to a business that, for the most part, sells to other businesses? ... Marketing analysts agree: a€œOracle Corporation gets millions of dollars a year in branding value by having an outspoken provocateur as a CEO.

Title:CEO Branding
Author:Marc Fetscherin
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-06-19


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