Chains of Gold

Chains of Gold

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Charlie Oa€™Malley is filled with grief, anxiety and hopelessness as he stands on the banks of Lake Erie and contemplates suicide. Jewel Brady, an avowed atheist has just broken their engagement because she cannot endure being married to a preacher. The temptation to throw himself into the dark, roiling waters of the lake pulls him toward the bank. You first met Charlie and Jewel in the books Anguish of the Innocent and Guilt in Disguise when they fell in love in high school. Charliea€™s decision to be a preacher was the catalyst, which tore them apart. Now Charlie must decide whether to marry the girl he loves or follow through on his commitment to God. In her despair and depression, Jewel casts aside her moral convictions and begins a destructive lifestyle, which puts her in situations that have life-long consequences. Charliea€™s brother, Hubert and Jewel begin a romantic relationship, unaware of the othera€™s relationship to Charlie. World War I and the great influenza epidemic bring death and grief to Buffalo, so Charlie must decide whether to join the military or stay home and minister to the people in his church. You will weep with the broken hearted, rejoice with the victorious and hope for a solution to a seemingly hopeless situation when you read Chains of Gold set in Buffalo, New York in Nineteen-seventeen. Carolyn Erickson, Retired Peace Corp volunteer: This chapter in the life of Billy Richards (a.k.a. Charlie Q. Oa€™Malley, II) takes him from hopelessness and despair to the strong belief in his lifea€™s mission. The spiritual strength he grows into along the way helps him in his relationships to himself, his friends, and an almost lost brother. In this, he is a lot like the rest of us.She lied. She did not want to tell him about sneaking out of the house to go to the club down the street. ... The lights in the room were dim and the odor of alcohol was one with which Jewel was only slightly familiar. ... The dance floor was crowded with couples jumping and swinging to the Fox Trot and other popular dances.

Title:Chains of Gold
Author:Ellen Williamson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-08-29


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