Champions, Cheaters, and Childhood Dreams

Champions, Cheaters, and Childhood Dreams

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With some scrap lumber and a dream, young Bob Turner became the first All-American Soap Box Derby world champion in 1934. Over the next 40 years, pushed by curiosity, ingenuity, determination and sometimes an overbearing father, thousands more would follow in his footsteps to try--for at least one day--to become the most famous boy in America. Covering the glory years of the Soap Box Derby, Champions, Cheaters, and Childhood Dreams provides a history of the race from its beginnings on a hillside in Dayton, to the corporate-sponsored star-studded event it became in the 1950s and 1960s, and to its near-obscurity after it was rocked by withdrawal of its major corporate sponsor and a legendary cheating scandal. Through first person accounts and historical narrative, Champions, Cheaters, and Childhood Dreams demonstrates how the Soap Box Derby mirrored American society. The hard scrapple Depression years, the patriotism of the war years, the idealism of post-World War II America, the hope and prosperity of the 1950s and 1960s and the breakdown of institutions and values during the Vietnam-war era, are told through the stories of the people who raced in and ran the All-American Soap Box Derby.Memories of the Soap Box Derby Melanie Payne. Then there was the ... We built a balsa wood model of a car and hooked a rubber band to it and put it in front of a fan. The more streamlined the car, the less the rubber band stretched. That was another one of ... We raced both cars, but I got the fastest one. The idea was toanbsp;...

Title:Champions, Cheaters, and Childhood Dreams
Author:Melanie Payne
Publisher:The University of Akron Press - 2003


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