Chance of a Ghost

Chance of a Ghost

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Alison Kerbya€™s guesthouse is haunted all year round. Surviving the dead of winter, though? Thata€™s a spooky proposition. Even with a blizzard bearing down on New Jersey, Alison can count on at least two guestsa€”Paul and Maxie, the stubborn ghosts who share her shore town inn. Then therea€™s her widowed mother, who hasna€™t just been seeing ghosts, shea€™s been secretly dating one: Alisona€™s father. But when he stands her up three times in a row, somethinga€™s wrong. Is he a lost soula€bor a missing apparition? Their only lead is an overdramatic spirita€”stage name Lawrence Laurentza€”who doesna€™t take direction well and wona€™t talk until they find his killer. Alison will reluctantly play the part of PI, but when the clues take a sinister turn, the writing is on the wall: If Alison cana€™t keep a level head, this will be her fathera€™s final acta€”and maybe her own.Paul wasright: Laterthat day, whileIwas driving home, Jerry Rasmussen called to apologize forwhat hedescribed asa€œmy regrettable behavior whenwe met yesterday.a€ a€œI dona#39;t think you need to ... Thatwas lucky, too, because thecupof Dunkina#39; Donuts coffee I had in the cup braveenough holder (Ijust wasna#39;t for Phyllisa#39;s coffee) would probably be an iced coffee bythe time Iarrivedhome. a€œStill, a€ Jerry said ... Iregret my actions, and I wonder how I might makeitup to you.a€ I wouldna#39;t have seenanbsp;...

Title:Chance of a Ghost
Author:E.J. Copperman
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-02-05


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