Chapter 1: eReading Devices and Their Capabilities

Chapter 1: eReading Devices and Their Capabilities

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The first thing to underAsstand about digAsiAstal pubAslishAsing is what devices peoAsple use to conAssume digAsiAstal conAstent, includAsing what types of pubAsliAscaAstions each device class can supAsport, how peoAsple use the devices, and where ereadAsing hardAsware is headed. You will find a starAstling array of devices on the marAsket, but ultiAsmately there are only four classes of devices on which digAsiAstal pubAsliAscaAstions are consumed. In this chapAster, you will learn about the following: Device Classes eReadAsers Tablets Computers Mobile Phones Hybrid Devices Future Devices Designing for DevicesiOS runs all of Applea#39;s mobile products, not just the iPad but also the iPhone and the iPod Touch (which is, for all intents ... exercised) the right to remove apps or publications, for any reason and at any time, from the App Store and/or iBooks.

Title:Chapter 1: eReading Devices and Their Capabilities
Author:Pariah S. Burke
Publisher:Pariah Burke - 2015-03-13


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