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CharcuterAsa: The Soul of Spain is the first book to introduce authentic Spanish butchering and meat-curing techniques to the American market. Included are more than 100 traditional Spanish recipes, straightforward illustrations providing easy-to-follow steps for amateur and professional butchers, and gorgeous full-color photography of savory dishes, Iberian countrysides, and centuries-old Spanish cityscapes. Author Jeffrey Weiss has written an entertaining, extravagantly detailed guide on Spain's unique cuisine and its history of charcuterAsa, which is deservedly becoming more celebrated on the global stage. While Spain stands porky cheek-to-jowl with other great cured-meat-producing nations like Italy and France, the charcuterie traditions of Spain are perhaps the least understood of this trifecta. Americans have most likely never tasted the sheer eye-rolling deliciousness that is cured Spanish meats: chorizo, the garlic-and-pimentA³n-spiked ambassador of Spanish cuisine; morcilla, the family of blood sausages flavoring regional cuisine from Barcelona to Badajoz; and jamA³n, the acorn-scented, modern-day crown jewel of Spain's charcuterAsa legacy. CharcuterAsa: The Soul of Spain is a collection of delicious recipes, uproarious anecdotes, and time-honored Spanish culinary traditions. The author has amassed years of experience working with the cured meat traditions of Spain, and this book will surely become a standard guide for both professional and home cooks.If you choose to remove the aitchbone from your ham, now is the time to do so by cleanly cutting around the aitchbone, thereby separating it from the meat and tendons ... 4 Run your forearm down the hind lega#39;s femur bone to ensure that all of the blood has been removed from the femoral artery. ... During this period, the meat should get much firmer to the touch and lose 10% to 15% of its green weight.

Author:Jeffrey Weiss
Publisher:Agate Publishing - 2014-03-17


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