Charge Your Life

Charge Your Life

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All your life you have been told what to do; you have been told how to live your life. Mostly by the same people who say they love us and have our best interest at heart. So they tell you to do all those things that every single human being on earth has done and is doing. Charge Your Life is about you who does not know what and who you are. It is about your potentials and all the unrealized greatness in you. This book will open your eyes to see that you can become what you have always wanted in life. Instead of settling for the norm and giving up on yourself, you can get up and pursue your dreams, and in the end, not only your family and friends will congratulate you, the world will also celebrate your success. And as you read this book, I hope you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope that as you read this book, you can see the immense greatness in you.As Iwrite this, since I realized the power of positive thinking two years ago I have not had even a headache, not even a ... Do you judge yourself with what people think about you or you judge yourself with how you think about yourself? ... Ifhe could talk to menow and I was still moping about his death he wouldtell me to continue living my life and not worry about him because he is very happy where he is.

Title:Charge Your Life
Author:James A. Carter
Publisher:Partridge Africa - 2014-10-17


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